The Write Stuff aims to Make Student Writing Count


QEP video contest offers students cash prizes

By Marilyn Stewart

Writing is hard work. Even C. S. Lewis acknowledged the challenge to “make quite clear what you mean and make sure your sentence couldn’t mean anything else.”

The Write Stuff, a multi-step initiative to help students improve writing skills, is the umbrella term for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to “Improve English Writing at the graduate level.”

A video contest promoting quality writing with prizes of $500 for first place and $300 for runner-up is underway with a submission deadline of Feb. 15. A prize of $200 will be awarded to the best vine video produced on smart phones. See guidelines below.

NOBTS President Chuck Kelley has set a high bar with his The Write Stuff/QEP video. Click to hear what Dr. Kelley says about The Write Stuff.

Writing is an important part of communication,” said Dr. Norris Grubbs, QEP committee chairman. “We are tasked with communicating the gospel, and we must be prepared to communicate it effectively. If NOBTS students can improve their written communication skills, it will prepare them for a lifetime of ministry and for success in their educational endeavors.”

The QEP is a five-year plan to provide resources to improve student writing, improve feedback on student writing, and equip students to gather appropriate supporting material for quality papers. The QEP will be implemented in a step-by-step process beginning in the spring semester of 2016, Grubbs said.

In the first phase, a writing center will open in January 2016 in HSC 290B to provide students feedback on submitted samples of writing. Appointments will be available in person as well as over the internet. Through Bluejeans, a webcasting software, extension center students will have access to appointments with writing center staff.

Writing tips and other resource information will be available at the writing center webpage: Faculty and teaching assistants will receive additional training on identifying writing issues and providing feedback.

Grubbs said the writing center will be fully staffed by August 2016 and that the writing center resource page will continue to be expanded over the summer 2016.

“Our hope is that The Write Stuff will help each student become a better writer so they can be used more effectively for the kingdom,” Grubbs said.

Look for opportunities on campus to recite the QEP – “Improve English writing at the graduate level” – and win a special treat.

Video Contest Submission Guidelines:

What We Want

We are looking for you to produce a video that promotes the “The Write Stuff.” This program is a multi-step initiative to help NOBTS students improve writing skills. The competition is open to any individual or group. To learn more about The Write Stuff Click Here.


$500 for first place and $300 for runner-up is underway with a submission deadline of Feb. 15. A prize of $200 will be awarded to the best vine video produced on smart phones.

Video Contest Submission Guidelines


  1. Hard Copy – DVD, CD, Portable Hard Drive, or Jump Drive (We can copy the file and give you back your media)
  2. Digital Copy – Email your video as a downloadable link or send me a link to the webpage where your file is posted to
  3. Vine – Please tag the vine with #NOBTSQEP. This will allow us to search and find your video once the entry date ends.

File Types: DVD movie, .mpg, .mp4, .mkv, .m4v, .mov, or avi

Video length: Do not exceed 5 mins.

Example Videos

Other schools have had similar initiatives. Their students have turned out some great videos. If you do a simple search for QEP, you may come across a few. Here some links to a few videos that we came across.

  1. John Tyler Community College #1
  2. John Tyler Community College #2
  3. James Madison
  4. University of South Florida