Free coffee, free breakfast, and Life Beyond Seminary Feb. 15-16

Students and alumni of NOBTS, over 100 churches have already requested resumés to fill ministry positions since the start of the new year!

There are more churches looking for ministers than you probably realize. At least that’s what I found out when I began serving as the Church-Minister Relations Consultant at NOBTS in January 2013. There are literally hundreds of churches of all different types and sizes asking NOBTS to send them Music Ministers, Children’s Ministers, Youth Ministers, Education/Discipleship Ministers, Outreach Ministers, etc., etc. I think you get the point. In 2015, over 1000 churches requested resumés through our seminary. There are currently 131 church positions that are open in our database. Trust me when I say that many, many churches are very interested in having a NOBTS qualified minister serve at their church.

Another way to get connected to ministry opportunities is through Life Beyond Seminary, February 15-16. This event is designed to help students and alumni get connected to ministry opportunities in different places throughout the country. Representatives from 7 states will be available to talk with you about ministry in their state. Are you from, interested in, or called to minister in one of the following states? Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and New Jersey.  These state representatives want to buy you a cup of coffee, take you out for dinner at a popular New Orleans restaurant, and talk with you about ministry in their state. God wants us to get involved in His kingdom work in every state. Life Beyond Seminary is a great way to get started.

In addition to these state representatives, we will have representatives present from both the United States Army, the United States Air Force, and the United States Navy to discuss Chaplaincy opportunities.  We will also have representatives from both NAMB and the IMB present to discuss opportunities available with both organizations.

This year we will also have Andrew and Inna Ryzhkov with Byelorussian Mission, Inc., to speak to students about summer mission opportunities in Belarus.

If you are interested in meeting one of these state representatives, please email me at I’ll make sure I line you up with an interview with one or several of these representatives. Also, don’t forget to stop by their displays during Life Beyond Seminary in the Hardin Student Center, Feb. 15-16.

Don’t forget to get your free breakfast on Tuesday morning, compliments of the Church-Minister Relations Office, before heading to class!!