The Doctrine of Election featured in Special Event


By Marilyn Stewart

Paul wrote through the lens of Judaism and understood election as a collective idea rather than an individual one, contends A. Chadwick Thornhill, featured speaker for a special event Thursday, Apr. 7, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Creole Room, and author of The Chosen People: Election, Paul and Second Temple Judaism.

The first fifty attendees will receive a copy of the book at the free event presented by the NOBTS Baptist Center for Theology & Ministry and the NOBTS Division of Theological & Historical Studies.

In the book’s afterword, New Testament scholar Ben Witherington called Thornhill’s book a “game-changer in the age-old battle over the relationship of God’s unconditional love and choice of a people and the issue of human freedom” in regards to individual salvation.

Dr. Adam Harwood, Baptist Center director, noted the importance of examining Thornhill’s proposal.

“Chad Thornhill’s work on the doctrine of election is at the leading edge of New Testament scholarship. If his thesis is correct, then many Christians currently think and speak about election in a way that would be foreign to Paul and his original audience,” Harwood said. “I am pleased that the NOBTS community will be able to consider his proposal.”

Students, staff, faculty and guests are invited to bring or purchase their lunch and listen as Dr. Thornhill presents his thesis and argument of the book. Q & A will follow.

Thornhill is the chair of theological studies and an assistant professor of apologetics and biblical studies for Liberty University’s School of Divinity. His book was published last year by InterVarsity Press Academic.