Recalibrate: One-Day Conference for Healing from Pornography, April 28


By Dr. Kathy Steele

Numerous leaders and individuals have stated that one of the greatest threats to the church here in the United States is in the area of sexual sin–especially pornography usage. With more than 66 percent of men in the United States using pornography, 40 percent of women looking at pornography, and 55 percent of pastors reporting that they have visited a pornography site, the effectiveness of the church is at risk.

After the death of our beloved professor, Dr. John Gibson, a group of us (professors) formed a work group to pray about how God would lead us to change the culture of our seminary, and how we handle sexual sin. One of the first things God impressed on us was the need for emotional health, which is key for spiritual health. Your faculty has been reading “The Emotionally Healthy Leader” by Scazzero since November, and we are personally working on becoming healthier!  We realize that we must be healthy in order to challenge and lead students to become healthier also.

Additionally, we realize that a number of the members of our community struggle with this issue, or have church members that struggle with this issue. That is why we have invited Dr. Greg Miller, with Faithful and True Ministries, to come and lead us in a one-day conference Thursday, April 28, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  We would like for every student, male and female, to attend.  Because sexual sin is looked upon with a sense of shame, most folks are not able to get the help they need, and the secrecy gives it even more power in an individual’s life. We want to break the power of secrecy!  Please come and learn how you can help others to break the power of secrecy and find help!

We are asking that you register to come–only because we need to know how many to plan for. You can register at

We want to see how God will redeem this tragic loss of Dr. Gibson, and we believe this is one of the ways we will see some redemption out of this situation. Please come and join us in this redemptive activity.